Which Jonas Brother Is Most Well Endowed? Nick's Face Says It All

Touché, Nick.

Nick Jonas returned to Watch What Happens Live last night and played Plead the Fifth for the second time in his career, where he discussed his sexuality and body for the 10,000th time.

It's clear the second round of Andy Cohen's favorite game was only happening for only one reason— so that Nick could respond to his brother Joe, who appeared on the show last month and revealed himself to be the most well-endowed Jonas brother.

But Nick doesn't look-in-the-shower-and-tell, so when he's finally asked "Which member of the Jonas Brothers is the most well-endowed," he turns to the camera coyly and mutters, "I plead the fifth."

The joke is actually on Joe, though. He may have the guns in this family, but we have seen Nick's thighs before, and we know how this whole body distribution thing works.

Touché, Nick.

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