Joe Manganiello Goes Behind The Thong In New Male Stripper Documentary: WATCH

Having bared his soul and his cheeks in the Citizen Kane of male stripper films, Magic Mike, Joe Manganiello gets back on the pole with his new documentary, La Bare.

The trailer features a lot of the tasteful shenanigans one would expect from a doc about professional lady-pleasers:

Hopefully Joe picked up a few tips for when he slips into Big Dick Richie's banana hammock in Magic Mike XXL next year. But until that magical moment, we'll have La Bare to tide us over. It hits theaters June 27, just days after Manganiello returns to howl one last time in the final season of True Blood.

Check out La Bare's red band trailer -- which is slightly NSFW (unless your work doesn't mind you looking at women making it rain all over scantily-clad dudes) -- below:

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