"MACnificent Me" Makeup Campaign Celebrates True Diversity

And the results may make you emotional.

MAC's MACnificent Me fall 2015 campaign does not look like your average beauty ad--and that's a great thing!

After the cosmetics line held a contest last year, they chose six entrants to represent the brand as very diverse models for the fall campaign.

To enter, applicants were asked to submit a photo of themselves and their 100-word mantra, and the six winners were then flown to New York City for the shoot.

One of the winners was 33-year-old Ben Dniprowskij from Melbourne, who says he is not a model, but rather "just a regular bloke who had enough balls to enter into something where they were asking for more than just a face."

“They wanted people with soul who have something to say," saidDniprowskij. "And I am here to represent all of the gay men, straight men and anyone else who feels that they can not be who they want to be.”

MAC also chose trans model Trésor Prijs to participate in the campaign.

"Coming out once as gay, and then as transgender in a very small town have been arduous tasks to say the least," Prijs shared. "For me, the way I survived was to find a way to make the light myself and shine as brightly as I could possibly muster."

Check out the contestant videos for Dniprowskij and Prijs below, and head to their campaign site for more heartfelt videos and makeovers.

Ben Dniprowskij

Trésor Prijs

h/t: Pink News