"Countdown To Zero" Goes Inside The Search For An AIDS Cure

"The virus always takes advantage of apathy."

Vice Special Report: Countdown To Zero goes inside the search for the cure and a preventative vaccine that could once and for all eliminate the spread of AIDS.

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The upcoming special, hosted by Vice founders and correspondents Shane Smith and Suroosh Alvi, will feature interviews with President George W. Bush, Bono, policymakers, activists, researchers and patients leading the charge toward ridding the world of this insidious virus.

“HIV is the epidemic of our modern age,” says Smith. “We’re on the brink of scientific developments that will end the disease for good — but it isn’t gone yet. Millions are still being infected every year. This documentary is a comprehensive look at the state of HIV/AIDS today, how far we’ve come in fighting it, and how far we still have to go.”

Highlighting both the progress that has been made, like in Rwanda, where infection rates have been cut in half and mother-to-child HIV transmission is completely eliminated in some regions, and the continued struggle, like in South Africa, where much work remains to be done in stemming the disease, the special takes a deep dive into the world of HIV/AIDS research to learn just how close we are to discovering a cure and vaccine.

The special debuts on December 1 (World AIDS Day) at 9pm on HBO.

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