'DTLA' Star Danny Roberts Talks Uggs, 'Real World': Nine Questions

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Gay men across America fell in love with Danny Roberts way back in 2000 when he appeared on The Real World: New Orleans, not that he really wants to talk about that. Now the actor is starring in the new Logo series DTLA, premiering October 24 at 11/10 c, as one very, very good looking masseur. Seriously, you want to see him in this.

We recently took some time to chat with Danny and have him answer our nine questions.

1. What movie line do you use, possibly too much?

I love the quote, "Would you two just do it and get it over with," from Reality Bites. One of my all time favorite movies.

2. Church of Scientology or Church of Latter Day Saints?

Church of Scientology ... it's all about mystery and intrigue.

3. Trend you’d be happy to see the end of?

So many, where to begin? For starters, I despise septum nose piercings, Uggs, and the whole trashy Jersey Shore look.

4. Favorite Cher song and why?

Group Cher in with #3.

5. Which Spice Girl are you?

I know nothing about the Spice Girls so couldn't tell you.

6. Marry, F*ck, Kill: James Franco, Ryan Gosling, and Channing Tatum?

Marry James Franco, Fu*k Ryan Gosling and Kill Channing Tatum.

7. Who do you stalk on Facebook?

I hate to say it but I stalk my ex from time to time on Facebook.

8. Best drunk text you’ve ever sent or received?

Best drunk text I ever received was a filthy diatribe about how someone wanted to fu*k, only it was meant for someone else and it was shockingly filthy.

9. Lie you always tell?

The lie I tell the most: "No, I'm not that guy from the Real World; it's just this generic white-guy look we both have."

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