Millennials Twice As Likely To Identify As LGBT

They're also more likely to support comprehensive sex ed and discrimination protections for minority groups.

A new report shows that Millenials, aged 18-35, are twice as likely to identify as LGBT in comparison to adults in other age groups.

Given the millenial penchant for technology and progressive social causes, it's perhaps no surprise that this group out ranks others as the most LGBT-inclusive. According to the report from the the Public Religion Research Institute (PRRI), seven percent of millenials identify as LGBT while 3.5 percent of other American adults do.

The same report also looked at millenial response to a number of different contentious topics, including workplace discrimination for women and LGBT individuals, contraceptive use, sex education, abortion and sexual assault.

Their responses indicate that this age group overwhelmingly believes that a combination of contraception and comprehensive sex ed is the best way to prevent pregnancy and the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. They also support laws that would protect minority groups from discrimination both in and outside of the work place.

Though researchers aren't sure why more millenials are identifying as LGBT than individuals in other age groups, they hypothesize that it's because it's generally easier to come out now than it was in decades past.

A 2013 report from demographers at Ohio State University and Boston University found that previous public opinion surveys greatly under-reported not only the number of LGBT individuals in the American population, but also anti-gay sentiment. This persisted even under extremely private and anonymous conditions.

Hopefully, this evidence proves that things will only get more progressive and forward-thinking with each new generation.

h/t: Medical Daily

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