Troye Sivan Supports Marriage Equality In His Calvin Klein Underwear

The pop star is helping to fight for equality in his homeland of Australia.

While some just like to show off their bodies in their Calvins, Troye Sivan likes to support marriage equality in his.

The Australian pop star picked up where Justin Bieber left off in the ongoing #mycalvins campaign, which is having people share what they do in their CK undies, but Sivan chose to make a statement in his photo.

Australia is still fighting to get same-sex marriage legalized, and Sivan mimicked the underwear ads to help draw attention to the cause.

He recently spoke out about how important it is to present a positive image of LGBT life, especially when it comes to helping confused young people struggling with their sexuality.

"I remember the two specific moments that I’ve seen gay kisses on TV growing up," Sivan said. "Seeing a little bit of myself in that, and feeling this relief that there was at least someone else out there like me, that for me was super impactful, so I want to – wherever I can – try and shine a little bit of a light on the situation and use my platform to do that."

h/t: Attitude