Exclusive: Peppermint Bares It All in Steamy "Best Sex" Music Video

"It's the most naked I've been in public."

Make sure your boss isn't about to walk by—things are getting hot and heavy in Peppermint's new music video.

The New York nightlife icon has already broken barriers as the first openly transgender contestant cast in RuPaul's Drag Race, and the first openly trans woman to originate a principal role on Broadway when she starred in the Go-Go's jukebox musical, Head Over Heels.

Noam Galai/Getty Images

NEW YORK, NY - JULY 26: Peppermint attends the opening night of "Head Over Heels" on Broadway at Hudson Theatre on July 26, 2018 in New York City. (Photo by Noam Galai/Getty Images)

Now, Peppermint is inviting us into her bedroom for her steamy new single, "Best Sex," which is the first release from her upcoming album, A Girl Like Me: Letters To My Lovers, out October 16.

The "Best Sex" music video shows Peppermint getting intimate with various scruffy men. As they roll around in bed, Pep calls them out on their infidelities and player ways.

"'Best Sex' was the easiest song on the album to write. I wanted to be honest about the heartbreakers me and my girlfriends complain about at brunch," she tells NewNowNext. "I was extremely nervous about making the video. It's the most naked I've been in public. I was stuck between nervously laughing and really being turned on."


The Drag Race legend reassures us that even though this was filmed during the COVID-19 pandemic, the cast and crew were "careful to follow COVID protocol."

"Managing everyone testing in quarantine was a nightmare, but I'm so grateful that everyone was willing to do it," Pep explains.

A Girl Like Me: Letters To My Lovers is actually the first in a trilogy of album releases about the three stages of Peppermint’s most recent relationship, with Volume 1 tackling subjects like flirtation, lust, and love.

If you need more Peppermint in your life—and who doesn't?!—then you can catch her on OUTtvgo's new show, Translation. The weekly roundtable series features Pep and her Drag Race sisters Jiggly Caliente, Sonique, and Carmen Carrera as they discuss topics like politics and dating from their perspectives as trans people. You can also catch her on Pepp Talks, her Black movie review series on Twitch.

Watch the exclusive premiere of "Best Sex" below.

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