Here's An Outrageous Interview With Austin Armacost, 'A List: New York' Star And Model

[caption id="attachment_80425" align="alignleft" width="189"] Exhibitionist of the year. (Photo: AfterElton)[/caption]

Today, our brother site AfterElton has an immensely entertaining interview with former A List: New York star and Andrew Christian model Austin Armacost, which took place while Armacost was hanging out quite comfortably in front of 20 people in an assless Speedo. Seriously, this interview will make you a believer. Here's just a taste (click the link above for the full interview - and lots of Speedo photos!):

AE: What would you say is your all-time favorite moment of exhibitionism?

Austin: Every time my mom walks in on me naked in the shower. This might sound crazy, but I like when my family sees me naked. Now, it's not incestuous, but we're very free. We're all very free. At any one time in my living room, my dad might be in the jacuzzi naked out back, my mom might be powdering her tits, and I might be shitting with the door open. So we're all very free, open people. Very exhibitionist in my home. Now, I don't know what constitutes a "nudist," but we probably fit that to a T. Though we're not a cult or anything."

Did you even read that, or did you click over already for the assless Speedo photos? Either way, enjoy!