Golden Girls Parody "Thank You For Being A Friend" Hits Off-Broadway

We'll never have that Golden Girls reunion we always dreamed of, but some ingenious talents are giving us the next best thing: Thank You for Being a Friend, a hysterical parody of our favorite '80s sitcom complete with drag queens and musical numbers.

Opening January 8 at New York's Laurie Beechman Theater, the unauthorized satire tweaks the show's classic characters just enough to avoid being sued. Here's a description:

Four women over 60 (Blanchette, the varicose-veined vixen; Dorthea, the brainy ball-buster; Roz, the lovable airhead; and Sophie, the wisecracking spitfire) are spending their golden years together in a wicker-filled bungalow in Miami. But when gay pop superstar Ricky Martin moves next door, his loud outdoor sex parties keep the quartet of cheesecake-loving retirees awake.

The solution pits the gays against the girls at the annual Shady Oaks Retirement Home Talent Show: if the women win, then no more sex parties; if the gays garner top prize, the sassy seniors must serve as the party's clean-up crew. Singing, dancing and hilarity ensues!

The show premiered in 2009, and this newly revised production sees original cast members Nick Brennan (who wrote and directs) Chad Ryan and Luke Jones joined by newcomers John De Los Santos and Adrian Rifat.

You get the plates, we'll get the cheesecake!

Thank You for Being a Friend runs January 8–February 12 at the Laurie Beechman Theater in New York. To get your Golden Girls fix, check out episodes, clips and more on Logo

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