"Drag Race" Queens Make Love to the Camera in "Rainbow Revolution"

They strike a pose in Magnus Hastings' sickening new photo book.

Put the bass in your walk!

Magnus Hastings is one of the world's premier drag photographers. If you've visited a drag lover's apartment anytime over the past couple of years, then you've probably clocked a copy of Hastings' book Why Drag? on a coffee table or two.

Well, hopefully there's some room left on that table because Hastings is about to release Rainbow Revolution, a new book packed with more than 300 photographs of celebrities like Kathy Griffin, Boy George, Luke Evans, and some RuPaul’s Drag Race legends.

In addition to the sickening photos, the book also contains powerful essays from some of the subjects about personal battles they've fought during their lives.

Magnus Hastings

“The essays elevate the book for me and give it a purpose beyond the social media recognition the images have gained,” Hastings said in a statement. “The inspiration for Rainbow Revolution came from watching the world moving to a dark and right-winged place. I wanted to create a project that was highly visible and unapologetically queer, and one that shouted with pride, defiance, humor, and joy because, after all, if the LGBTQ community is good at anything, it is laughing in the face of adversity."

A portion of print sales from Rainbow Revolution will go to two charities of Hastings’ choosing: True Colors United in the U.S. and the Albert Kennedy Trust in the U.K.

Rainbow Revolution is out November 24 from Chronicle Books and available for pre-order now. Below, get a first look at Drag Race queens Gigi Goode, Silky Nutmeg Ganache, Ongina, Adore Delano, and Courtney Act making love to the camera.

Magnus Hastings

Magnus Hastings

Magnus Hastings

Magnus Hastings

Magnus Hastings/Chronicle Books

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