Hayley Kiyoko Is Your "Lesbian Jesus" And She's Here To Save Pop Music

"Welcome to 20GayTeen."

Hayley Kiyoko wants to welcome you to 20GayTeen.

The "Curious" pop star sat down with NewNowNext to talk about rebranding 2018 into "20GayTeen" and what it's like being a role model to young queer women—and how she's flattered by her fans calling her "Lesbian Jesus" online.

Kiyoko is a former Disney star who has since starred on The Fosters and a recent episode of Insecure, as well as movies like Jem and the Holograms and XOXO, but it’s her music— like her single, "Feelings"—that connects her with so many millennials who go wild for her queer-themed music videos.

"I'm honored that people can relate to me because I feel like I have been looking and searching for a community of people I can relate to my whole life," she explains in the interview.

Kiyoko also talks about if her single, "Curious," is autobiographical and what fans can expect from her upcoming debut album, Expectations.

Plus, she gives some advice for any aspiring Hayley Kiyoko drag queens out there on what they have to possess if they want to accurately portray her onstage.

Hint: You better have some swagger.

Kiyoko's debut album, Expectations, drops March 30. Check out the exclusive interview with her below.

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