Loosey LaDuca Wants to Bring "Let Loose" to the Grammys

The 'Drag Race' Season 15 queen loves that you're obsessed with her song.

From the moment she walked into the workroom, Loosey LaDuca said she had "some slaying to do" — and slay she did.

The Connecticut comedy queen was a fierce force on RuPaul's Drag Race Season 15. Not only was she quick-witted with a sharp tongue, but she expertly played the game, making it all the way to the top five. She also served some fabulous pop culture-inspired couture on the runway.

Even though she won three mini-challenges and two maxi challenges, Loosey found herself in the bottom two weeks in a row. The first time she lip-synced for her life, Loosey sent Salina EsTitties packing, but when she landed in the bottom again — this time going up against Luxx Noir London in a Hayley Kiyoko lip-sync — Ru asked Loosey to sashay away.

Loosey spoke with Logo about her time on Drag Race, including if she has kept in touch with her drag daughter LaLa, what she thinks of her "Let Loose" song taking on a life of its own, if she plans on getting a Drag Race tattoo, and which of her fellow Season 15 sisters was the Ethel Mertz to her Loosey.

So first off, how's it feel to make it to the top five?

It feels incredible. It feels really wonderful. Of course, I would've loved to have made it to the top four. But it's an honor to be a part of the top five, especially with such a talented cast.

Let's talk about this episode. The "Spill the Tea" mini-challenge, you picked yourself when Ru asked the queens who they thought would go home next. Did you really think that you would be the next to go?

Absolutely not. No, I just wanted to win the challenge, which I did. I knew that Mistress and Luxx would pick me, and I knew that Sasha and Anetra are smart human beings, and they would know that those two would pick me. So I just went with the correct answer, and I won the challenge.

When it came to pairing the queens up with the teachers, Luxx said she thought that you were strategizing by who you paired up. Was there a strategy? Do you remember what you were thinking in that moment when you were pairing the teachers and the queens?

Yeah. I think that, when it came down to it, it wasn't necessarily like, "Oh, Luxx won't do a good job with this person." But Luxx certainly was at the bottom of my list of priorities, given she said that I was generic, and that really hurt. So I just went with, the teacher who went with Sasha looked like a Colby already. The teacher who I paired with Mistress is a beautiful plus-size woman. I wanted to put her with someone who could really celebrate her beauty. The teacher who I put with Anetra has a fun, young energy, which I think just matches. And then the teacher that I chose for myself, she had just this bright, cheery demeanor, and she also had really similar facial structure to mine. So, I knew that I could make her look a lot like a LaDuca.

On Untucked, you said that you didn't have a drag daughter. So, how was it making over LaLa? Was that your first time putting someone in drag?

It wasn't my very first time. A couple years ago I put a boyfriend at the time in drag, and he looked really beautiful. But yeah, this was my first time having birthed a LaDuca, for sure. First and last. I'm not looking for any drag daughters.

 I was going to ask if you've had a drag daughter since Drag Race. But I guess not?

No. I mean, I am here for advice for anybody. People message me online all the time asking for advice. I'm more than open to giving tips and tricks. But I'm not looking to expand the family, because I don't want to spread the wealth around.

Have you kept it in touch with LaLa?

I haven't. We weren't able to exchange information before the show. But I'm sure that now that the show will be airing, I'm sure that we'll be able to get in touch. And I would love to. She's a lovely lady.

In the episode, you said that you were shocked to be in the bottom two. Who do you think should have been in the bottom?

I think everyone did a really great job, but I think probably maybe Mistress, because I feel like she's worn that look, or a version of that look, a couple of times before.

And then in the episode, when you're about to lip sync, you look over at Luxx, who is stretching on the stage. Were you nervous going up against Luxx? 

I wasn't nervous to go against Luxx, because the only thing in my mind was, "They absolutely will not send me home. I just can't let that happen. I have to just give it my all." And of course, I was wrong. But it was like, I have to be in that mindset. I've never let myself believe that I was going to go home.

So, were you surprised then when you were asked to sashay away?

Yeah. Of course I was. I was like, "Oh my God, that's crazy."

I also want to ask about the Rusical, which was so good. How'd it feel when Kevin Bacon tweeted about your Heaven Bacon?

Oh my God, it felt absolutely surreal. Specifically for me, this is such a niche thing, but I'm a major, major nerd when it comes to the Friday the 13th series, and he was in the very first movie. So, to have an original cast member of Friday the 13th acknowledge me was crazy.

What do you think about "Let Loose" taking on a life of its own? I saw a video of Alaska performing it, Spotify tweeted about it... What are your thoughts about that?

Honestly, I think next stop: Grammys, baby.

Opening for Taylor on her Eras Tour.

Oh, I see it happening. We're working with the Super Bowl. We're hopefully going to do the Halftime Show next year. I mean, we got things in the works.

I guess it must be flattering that everyone is posting about the song?

Oh my God, it's incredibly flattering.

Can you tease any details about this "Andrew's Angels Edition" of the song?

I don't know what to tease, but it's going to be three times as loose.

You have multiple tattoos. Have you thought about getting a tattoo to commemorate your time on Drag Race?

Absolutely not. No. I mean, I have a lot of tattoos, and funny enough, they don't mean anything. There's no meaning behind them. I just have always been an artist, and I love the art form so much. So I don't really have anything that are like, "Oh, this represents this." I've got a whole show to watch back to commemorate my time, but I don't see myself getting a Heaven Bacon tattoo anytime soon.

How did it feel to be the last Connecticut queen standing?

I feel like I did my state proud. I really do. And I get a lot of messages from people in Connecticut who say that they're so excited that our little state now is a part of the conversation when it comes to drag. We have a thriving drag community here. People just didn't know about it, and now I feel like they do.

I loved that moment in Untucked of the video with your family. Have they been watching this season? 

Oh my God, of course. Yes. They've absolutely devoured the season. They're so supportive of me, and they're huge fans of the show.

You're named after Lucille Ball, so did you have an Ethel Mertz from the season? A sister in crime that you got into mischief with?

During the filming, it was absolutely Sasha [Colby]. We didn't really get to see that in the show, but Sasha and I were very, very close. Our stations were right next to each other, and we really understood each other and had such a fun time together. She FaceTimed me last night just to say, "Let loose." It's so funny. I love her so much.

That song has a life of its own!

It really does.

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