Woman Turns To Internet After Finding Her Husband On Grindr

Catching your partner on a dating site would be a devastating moment for anyone. But for a mother and wife of a "straight man" to find her husband on a gay hookup app? That's a double shock.

A woman posting under the name "bonniescot123" recently turned to parental advice website Mumsnet after she caught her husband on the gay app Grindr.

In a post titled "My husband is on grindr. I need some hugs and advice," the mother wrote that she found the picture of her husband and immediately knew it was him. She said that she confronted him but he denied it and wouldn't speak to her afterward.

"He is refusing to talk to me," she continued. "Two children. 7 and 10. I am 43. Don't know what to do. Please some advice."

Mumsnet users were doling out more virtual hugs than advice though, as most were stunned and sympathetic without knowing what they'd do next in such a situation.

After replying to many users' comments and questions, and admitting she has had her doubts in the past, the wife eventually decided that her husband had probably "been living with this huge burden and I have no intention of destroying him or his reputation so long as he plays fair.”

h/t: The Gaily Grind 

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