Benito Skinner's Kooper the Gen Z Intern Werks the White House

Olivia Rodrigo who?

Move over, Olivia Rodrigo — Kooper the Gen Z intern is coming for your gig.

For his latest viral comedy sketch, queer actor-comedian Benito Skinner (@bennydrama7) reprised his intern alter-ego, a young gay man named Kooper whose work ethic is, uh, lackluster. This time, Kooper is toting his signature fanny pack in a new workplace: the Biden administration's White House.

This is a BennyDrama video, so naturally, it's hilarious. But what sets it apart is a cameo from Jen Psaki, the real-life press secretary for President Joe Biden (and according to Skinner, "the best girlboss in the world").

Skinner also used his platform to boost the importance of getting vaccinated against COVID-19, a precaution that could be life-saving as the highly contagious Delta variant proliferates across the United States. It's a clear nod to Rodrigo, who made headlines after she visited the Oval Office to encourage other young people to get vaccinated. (Kooper even asks if the "Drivers License" singer is still in the building! She isn't, but we love the shout-out.)

"We need to get shots in the arms of every single American," Kooper says in the video...before dipping out in the middle of the workday for a haircut.

A hilarious skit with an important PSA baked in? We're obsessed. Watch Skinner's full sketch below.

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