Candace Cameron Bure's New Cable Network Will Not Have LGBTQ Couples Kissing Under the Mistletoe

“I think that Great American Family will keep traditional marriage at the core,” said the 'Fuller House' actress.

Candace Cameron Bure and Great American Family will not be donning their gay apparel this holiday season.

In a new interview with the Wall Street Journal, the queen of TV Christmas movies opens up about why she left the Hallmark Channel earlier this year to become the chief creative officer at Great American Family:

“My heart wants to tell stories that have more meaning and purpose and depth behind them,” Bure told the Wall Street Journal. “I knew that the people behind Great American Family were Christians that love the Lord and wanted to promote faith programming and good family entertainment.”

“I want to be able to tell that story in a beautiful way, but also that is not off-putting to the unbeliever or someone who shares a different faith,” she explained about the new network, which the Wall Street Journal says “is positioning itself as the God-and-country alternative for holiday entertainment.”

When it comes to holiday-themed love stories, specifically LGBTQ ones, don't expect to see queer couples kissing under the mistletoe on GAF:

“I think that Great American Family will keep traditional marriage at the core,” said the Fuller House actress, after saying she does not expect the new network "to feature same-sex couples as leads in holiday movies."

Bill Abbott, the chief executive of Great American Media, who oversees GAF commented on including LGBTQ couples in the holiday programming, saying: “It’s certainly the year 2022, so we’re aware of the trends... There’s no whiteboard that says, ‘Yes, this’ or ‘No, we’ll never go here.’”

Abbott was previously the president and chief executive of Hallmark Channel's parent company, Crown Media Family Networks, but stepped down in 2020 after Hallmark Channel removed four commercials from wedding registry website Zola that included lesbian brides kissing. As a result, Zola pulled all of its ads from the network.

"Bill Abbott's departure from Hallmark just months after the disastrous and wrongheaded decision to censor an ad on their network featuring a loving, same-sex couple continues to make clear: opposing equality isn't just wrong, it's bad for business," said then president Alphonso David  in a statement, adding that companies and their leaders "must continue to provide visibility to LGBTQ people across the nation and speak out for equality."

Bure's first Hallmark holiday movie, Moonlight & Mistletoe, premiered on the network back in 2008. Until her Hallmark departure she starred in nearly 30 holiday movies for the channel. Her first for GAF, A Christmas… Present premieres Sunday, Nov. 27.

Bure's comments come as there has been more LGBTQ representation in holiday movies in recent years. In addition to movies like Hulu's Happiest Season and Paramount's Dashing in December, Hallmark aired The Christmas House in 2020, its first original movie to feature a same-sex couple.

This year the Christmas-obsessed cable net will stuff our stockings with The Holiday Sitter, Hallmark's first original movie centered on a same-sex couple. The Holiday Sitter stars Jonathan Bennett and George Krissa, and premieres Dec. 11.

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