Jennifer Aniston Pregnant With Baby Girl

[caption id="attachment_78633" align="aligncenter" width="607"]jennoifer aniston pregnant They're gonna be parents. Allegedly.[/caption]

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux are having a baby! And it's a girl! And this is Wacky Weekly Wednesday.

Jennifer Aniston's ovaries have always been the focus of every glossy magazine dating back to the late nineties, and after a brief hiatus, the rags are back talking about how Jenny is expecting a baby girl. Well, Star rather, the least trusted name in celebrity news.

“Jen has never been more in love and now she has a baby on the way. She’s had such a difficult time getting pregnant in the past she was starting to lose hope,” an insider told the mad about the actress' May arrival.

“Jen is superstitious and scared to death that making a huge public deal over her pregnancy might jinx her,” claims some other fool. “It took her years to get pregnant and she’s aware of the complications that could arise because of her age, so she and Justin have decided to keep silent as they prepare for the baby’s arrival.”

So this is definitely 100% the truth. Way to go Jen!

Next week we assume it will be Kate Middleton again.

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