This "Golden Girls" T-Shirt Speaks For An Entire Generation

Finally, someone gets us.

It's the question that's replaced "What's your sign?" and "Come here often?" as the obligatory social introduction: Which Golden Girl are you?

It may seem like an easy question on the surface, as you have four distinct personalities to choose from.

Are you Dorothy Zbornak, able to uproot a mighty sequoia?

Blanche Devereaux (French for "Blanche Deveraux"), who never made any apologies for her sexuality?

Or maybe you're more of a loveably dim Rose Nylund?

Or are you a Sophia Petrillo, everyone's favorite tough cookie?

Now you can claim two of these iconic ladies as your own, thanks to a new shirt on sale at the Andrew Christian flagship store in West Hollywood.

We've been waiting for this our entire lives. Finally someone gets us.

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h/t: Carlos