Alexander Skarsgard Finally Went Full Frontal In "True Blood" Season Six Finale

eric true blood

We've been waiting six seasons for Alexander Skarsgard to give us the Full Monty on True Blood—hell, for any of the show's hunks to go full frontal. And on tonight's Season Six finale, our patience was rewarded: The undead Nordic stud finally displayed what the good Maker gave him.

Only, we wish he wasn't on fire when it happened.


Y'see, like all the other vamps, Eric was juiced up on Warlow's Faerie blood, which allowed him to sit in the nude reading a boo by an ice lake in Sweden. When the pixie plasma wore off, though, he once more became susceptible to the sunlight—and went up like a roman candle. (See the uncensored NSFW images here)

The show jumped ahead six months and Eric was still nowhere to be found. Is he a goner? Probably not, but we'll have to wait until next season to be sure. Curses!

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