RuPaul's Drag U Ep. 8, Therapy Sessions - Meet Raven's Amazing Mom. Plus, Jujubee & Manila's Sassy Sisters!

Let's give it up for Deshawna (top), Raven's mom and a hero for us all!!! Plus, BIG love to Susan (Jujubee's sis) and Rachel (Manila's fierce sibling) for twerking it out!!!

Last night on RuPaul's Drag U, it was a blisteringly fabulous family affair, and while Jujubee's sister Susan and Manila Luzon's kid sis Rachel brought all flavors of fabulosity to the educational love-fest, it was Raven's mom Deshawna (aka "Ladyhawke") who won our hearts, big-time!!!

Deshawna may be a devout Mormon, but above all, she's a proud loving mom who fiercely supports her gay/drag-queen son David (aka Raven!). Just a sample from her office interview/therapy session with RuPaul:

"I celebrate [Raven's] artistry, I celebrate his success and the things that make him happy."

Now isn't that what we all want our moms to say? Plus, when RuPaul asks Deshawna what advice she may give to other religious moms who have "flamboyant, outrageous" sons who may challenge them with their antics...


Deshawna for President!!!! I love this woman.

Watch her sit-down with RuPaul and I defy you not to feel all proud and misty-eyed. Bless!!!

Deshawna's Office Interview with RuPaul


After the jump, watch Susan (aka Falconetta) and Rachel (aka Lark. St. Laurent) bring their own flavors of family pride and drag-sis love.

First, Manila's fine sister (are these gals twins?) talks about her love for her brother and she needs to reconnect with him.

Rachel's Office Interview with RuPaul


And then soft-spoken Susan shares about how Juju inspires her, and how she's gonna rouse up her own fierce sense of confidence. Fly Falconetta, fly!!!!

Susan's Office Interview with RuPaul


And if you missed this week's new full episode of RuPaul's Drag U, grab a hall pass and prance over to and get caught up on your homework.

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