Chris Colfer & John Green Joke About Fan Fiction

"I have a confession to make," explained Colfer at the New York City event. "The fan fiction of which you read, may have been actually written by me.  I did publish some fan fiction about the two of us titled The Fifty Shades of Green.  I'm so embarrassed."

Colfer was responding to a joke told by John Green, author of The Fault in Our Stars, during his speech. The #1 New York Times bestselling author had gone to Tumblr in search of a fan anecdote to share during the event and instead stumbled upon fan fiction featuring Green and Colfer.

"I just wanted to take this opportunity to say that I did not write that, and that if you did, I'm flattered and you're a very good writer," Green joked.

Colfer, whose first novel, The Land of Stories, hits shelves July 17th, served as an emcee to the event designed to celebrate children's literature. It also featured renown author Lois Lowry, whose speech earned a standing ovation from the crowd, as well as illustrator Kadir Nelson. Colfer shared his experiences writing and promoting the book, which follows a pair of twins as they adventure to a land populated by the characters of fairy tales. He explained how the experience is well outside his comfort zone in Hollywood, who expect him to do a version of Glee in every new project.

"These are actual questions I've been asked on red carpets by reporters," Colfer explained, before launching into a litany of absurd questions like, "Tell us about your book, will there be signing and dancing in it?" and "Is it autobiographical?"

"No," Colfer deadpanned. "I am one person, and I did not fall into a magical book in another dimension." He further explained that no, he also does not make a cameo as a gay high school student in the book, to peals of laughter from the audience.

Watch Colfer's full speech, above.