America's 10 Gayest And Least Gay Cities Revealed In New Gallup Poll

[caption id="attachment_189038" align="aligncenter" width="605"]5076658631_6b8a24e3a7_b San Francisco's Castro District[/caption]

Cities with the highest percentage of gay populations tend to be on the West Coast, a new Gallup poll surveying the country's gay population centers has found. Unsurprisingly, San Francisco ranked number 1 with the highest percentage of LGBT residents (6.2%), almost a full percentage point higher than Portland, which serves as the second largest concentration of LGBT residents (5.4%).

The poll's results were compiled from demographic data taken in the nation's 50 largest metropolitan areas. Aside from ranking the top 10 "gayest" cities, the published data also includes areas with the lowest rates of LGBT residents, which tend to be in the Midwest and South.

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Perhaps the most surprising city on either list is Salt Lake City, Utah, home of the socially conservative Mormon church. It ranks #7 on the list of highest LGBT population centers.

Speaking with the New York Times, Paul Boneberg, executive director of the G.L.B.T. Historical Society in San Francisco, said the numbers reflect a sea change in what was once a 'great migration' for gay people seeking a community.

"For a generation, they all remember the moment they walked through their first gay bar," he said. "But now they come out for the first time online, and that changes, for some people, the need to leave."

Find out if your city made the cut by checking out data from both lists below:

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