Anton Yelchin Plays Troubled Gay Son In Final Film, "We Don't Belong Here"

"Suddenly I saw myself the way the world sees me—crazy."

Before his untimely death last June, Anton Yelchin filmed several roles, the last of which has finally come to DVD: In the indie thriller We Don't Belong Here, the late actor plays Max, the bipolar gay son of Catherine Keener's Nancy Green.

Nancy disapproves of both her son's sexuality and his use of recreational drugs to self-medicate his bipolar condition and PTSD from a car accident. When Max goes missing, it prompts revelations of dark family secrets.

"Suddenly I saw myself the way the world sees me," Max tells his sister (Riley Keough). "I'm a crazy, wild loser. I don't have anything."

We Don't Belong Here/Sony Pictures

The directorial debut of writer-producer Peer Pedersen, We Don't Belong Here co-stars Molly Shannon, Carey Elwes and Maya Rudolph.