12 LGBT Periscope Accounts You Need To Be Following

Because Facebook is so last season.

You may have heard about it already, or even experimented with it a bit already, but for those who are unaware, the latest social media must-have is Periscope.

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Unlike other platforms, Periscope allows the user to live video broadcast. After realizing just how unique this experience would be for consumers, Twitter actually bought the app for $86 million earlier this year in order to implement it within their already established brand.

Which is all to say, Periscope is the must-have app of the moment.

Here are 12 LGBT Periscopers you need to be following.

Rosie O’Donnell, @Rosie

Rosie isn’t afraid to speak her mind, and that’s exactly why we love her so much. While she may no longer be on The View, we hope Rosie continues to bring that unfiltered energy to her Periscope where we'd happily listen to her sound off on Hot Topics any day.

Janet Mock, @JanetMock

A smart, beautiful and bold activist transforming our world for the better, Mock also earns points as a friend of Oprah's. While Oprah may have indeed Tweeted Janet during Sunday's VMAs, we wouldn't mind if the two collaborated for a Periscope moment (might we suggest Mock join Oprah in picking fresh veggie's in Mama O's garden).

Andy Cohen, @Andy

While we have yet to see a video from Andy, we can only hope we will get to see many broadcasts of him hanging with his famous pals (Cher and Anderson Cooper preferably), as well as broadcasts from behind-the-scenes of those infamous Housewives reunion tapings. Meow!

Jordan Roth, @jordan_roth

Following Jordan Roth is the solution for theater lovers unable to make it to New York to experience The Great White Way. Jordan is the owner and president of Jujamcyn Theatres, which owns and operates five Broadway theatres. Through his Periscope he pulls back the curtains giving rare glimpses backstage of Broadway.

Dustin Lance Black, @DLanceBlack

Not only is Dustin an Oscar-winning filmmaker, but his work has pushed boundaries, igniting conversations and helping bring awareness through his work with the Human Rights Campaign and The Brain Tumour Charity. Oh, and we can’t forget to mention he’s dating the one and only Tom Daley. So, maybe one day we will be blessed with Tom on Dustin’s Periscope.

Michael Buckley, @buckhollywood

Whether Michael has something to say about Miley’s latest outfit or his love for Dominos, he's always using social media to try and make others laugh. From seeing him attending a big YouTube event to showing how his videos are filmed, there's never a dull moment with the Buck.

Ellen DeGeneres, @TheEllenShow

With Ellen's Periscope–which she has yet to use!–we hope to see lot of dance moves, jokes and a whole lot of behind-the-scenes from her talk show. Along with that, she should use Periscope to continue her scare series that she so often does with her guests. Remember when she scared Taylor Swift? Priceless.

Jared Eng, @JustJared

If you are a pop-culture junkie, you'll want to follow Just Jared founder Jared Eng's Periscope, where you may seem him out with some of your favorite stars. Better yet, you just might catch some previews of his interviews before they hit his site.

Justin Mikita, @JustinMikita

From lawyer to husband, businessman to cancer survivor, Justin is a man of many titles. Along with all of his powerful projects (which included working oith the American Foundation for Equal Rights to overturn Prop 8), he’s married to Modern Family star, Jesse Tyler Ferguson (also on Periscope).

Ariel Foxman, @ArielFoxman

Following fashion insiders is a must on social media if you want to stay up to date on evolving trends. As the Editorial Director for both InStyle and Stylewatch, Ariel will always keep you updated on the latest and greatest in the world of fashion.

Freedom to Marry, @FreedomToMarry

There are so many organizations out there on social media doing incredible work, but Freedom to Marry is easily one of our favorites (after all, they're part of the reason we can today get married!). Through Periscope you can go along for the exciting ride right along with them, from their events around the country, to their every day office life.

Hudson Taylor, @Hudsonism

As the founder of Athlete Ally, Hudson is on a mission to spread tolerance in the athletic world. As a champion for LGBT rights, Hudson is ready to end stereotypes and work to unite the community. Not only is he an activist, but not too bad on the eyes either. Just saying!

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