Does Adam Lambert Want You to Just Quit it With the Bullying Pity Party?

Adam Lambert

Crooning gay icon and makeup connoisseur Adam Lambert has a few questions for you about bullying and they aren't what you may think.

More specifically, Lambert seems to want to know what it is, exactly, that makes the discourse around bullying so focused on the person doing the bullying instead of the person being bullied.

The American Idol runner-up took to Twitter yesterday to create an open discussion on the topic and we'd like to participate, from the safety of our own blog, in said conversation. Observe:

— Adam Lambert (@adamlambert) January 11, 2013

Lambert clearly sees bullying as a problem, though perhaps not as the epidemic it's been made out to be in, for example, the 2011 documentary Bully or by the official Obama administration bullying czar Lady Gaga. But Lambert's take on the problem isn't as straightforward as most celebrity anti-bully crusaders. In fact, Lambert might better be described as an anti-bullied crusader.

— Adam Lambert (@adamlambert) January 11, 2013

Many of Lambert's followers tended to agree and his questioning approach was by no means a take-down of all the bully bashing that's so prevalent in the media these days. And Lambert's Twitter account didn't even incinerate from rampant flaming after he went so far as to say this:

— Adam Lambert (@adamlambert) January 11, 2013

Not all the folks who gave their two cents to Lambert last night were supportive, but in general the back and forth between the singer and his fans was very constructive and refreshingly thoughtful.

Bravo to Adam Lambert for leaving behind the knee jerk, reactionary celebu-cause echo chamber and starting a GASP! thoughtful discussion about a very important issue.

Check out Adam's Twitter feed to read all his followers' thoughts or head over to Buzzfeed, where they've rounded up all his tweets on the subject for easy viewing.