Aussie Rugby Player David Pocock Calls A Time Out To Protest Anti-Gay Slur During Match

An Australian rugby player was so outraged by a homophobic slur during a match in Sydney last weekend that he paused the game to complain to the referee.

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David Pocock, vice captain for the University of Canberra Brumbies, overheard NSW Warantahs forward Jacques Potgieter refer to two players as "faggots," and called a time out to report it.

The ref claimed he didn't hear the anti-gay remark—and called the interruption "unacceptable"—but Pocock remained steadfast: "You heard that sir," he replied. "You can't say that—there could be gay players out there."

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The Australian Rugby Union believed PocockPotgieter has been fined $20,o00 for the comments.

"As players, we’ve said the Brumbies aren’t going to tolerate any homophobic slurs, I just made that clear to the referee that it’s unacceptable," Pocock said in a statement. "You can be the toughest man in the world, but it’s got nothing to do with using that sort of language."

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While there's been widespread support for Pocock's actions, insiders say it could cost him professionally: "He'll pay for it," Greg Martin told Brisbane's Triple M radio. "It will mean that he will never captain [Australian national rugby team] the Wallabies again."

This isn't the first time Pocock has donned his activist hat: Last November, he chained himself to machinery as part of an anti-coal mining campaign in New South Wales.

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