What Did Adam Senn And Brent Antonello Listen To During Their "Hit The Floor" Sex Scene?

We go behind the scenes with TV's hottest gay couple, #Zude.

VH1's basketball drama Hit the Floor has been heating things up on and off the court this season, especially with the scorching scenes featuring gay agent Jude (Brent Antonello) and closeted team captain Zero (Adam Senn).

After last week's hot hookup—in an actual closet—NewNowNext spoke with Antonello and Senn to find out what it's like being television's favorite new gay couple, dubbed "Zude" by their internet superfans).

"I found out the storyline three or four episodes in, and the way it came up, was pretty organic. It made Zero so much more dynamic," said Senn. "[Him] now being bisexual has added so many more layers to the character, which makes it fun—and that's my job. I have a blast playing Zero. Never a dull moment."

Asked about the visible chemistry between Zero and Jude, Senn says it stems from their close real-life relationship with Antonello.

"Brent and I right away both got along as friends. When we found out about the storyline, we made a pact that we would approach these characters 110% and do them justice and tell this story that deserves to be told."

The guys started spending time together—hanging out, and even playing golf.

"It doesn't always have to be this romantic thing," jokes Senn. "I see more of his romantic side when he’s with his girlfriend, and I see how he approaches her."

Senn credits Hit the Floor's out creator James LaRosa (above) for helping them "fully commit to the characters and do them justice."

Antonello adds that viewers' support has really made working on the storyline fun.

"It’s so cool to see that, once we hooked up, it was 'Hashtag Zude!' It's been really, really great. The support from the audience has been incredible."

Last week's sex scene lit up the Internet (including a few tumblr pages), but how it worked on-set might surprise you.

"The call time was 7 in the morning, and we were the first ones up," Antonello told us. "We didn't shoot a scene prior, so we didn’t have any build up."

They also didn't have any music to help set the mood.

"I remember our director walked up and said 'Do you guys have any requests? Do you want us to put on music?' and I remember Adam looking at me and smiling and cracking up. And he says 'How about that new Drake album?' So while we’re doing all that, we have a Drake soundtrack playing. Whenever I hear that album now ,or a song from that album, I think 'Oh, I remember this..."

Check out an emotional scene with Zude from tonight's episode below:

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