StarKid Joey Richter Cast on Glee

[caption id="attachment_46608" align="aligncenter" width="607"] Photo Credit: Ben Trivett[/caption]

We can't contain our excitement! Joey Richter, our favorite StarKid (sorry Darren Criss), will be appearing on Glee this Thursday as part of the NYADA Glee club set to sweep Kurt Hummel off his feet (with the help of new love interest Adam played by Oliver Kieran-Jones.)

When we talked to Richter last year he told us he'd auditioned for Glee previously for the role of Sebastian, whose crush on Blaine turned vicious last season. He's since enjoyed several appearances on Disney's Jessie as Officer Petey, as well as completed a west coast tour with Team StarKid.  While Adam and the Apples have only filmed one episode so far, based on their soulful performance of "Baby Got Back" we think Glee would be stupid to get rid of them any time soon. NewNowNext is behind anything that gets more talented StarKids onto our TVs.

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