Chad Allen and Robert Gant find gay love at straight camp in "Save Me"

A year ago, we told you about the "ex-gay" love story Save Me, which has finally received a distribution deal, and will be seen in regular theaters starting in N.Y.C. in September.

It stars out actors Chad Allen and Robert Gant, and the fabulous Judith Light, who has always been one of the gay community's biggest supporters (but will always be Karen Wolek to me). Judith's husband Robert Desiderio wrote the screenplay, based on a story by out actor and writer Craig Chester. Here's the synopsis:

"Save Me is a film about redemption. Mark (Chad Allen) a lost young, gay man leads a wild life of drugs and meaningless sex, searching desperately to fill the emptiness in his soul. When Mark finally hits bottom, his brother checks him into Genesis House, a 12-step, Christian, "ex-gay" ministry specializing in healing sexual brokenness.

Genesis House is the life mission of Gayle (Judith Light) and her husband Ted (Stephen Lang). Haunted by her past, Gayle is determined to save young homosexual men from their personal demons. Scott (Robert Gant), one of the program's "fifth phasers," is Mark's mentor. The growing friendship between these two men threatens Gayle. Increasingly suspect of Scott's motives, Gayle fights back, refusing to let her carefully controlled world fall apart. Torn by the specter of damnation and the pull of their hearts, Mark and Scott are forced to confront their truth."

We'll keep you posted if we hear any more, including any news of a possible DVD or cable release.