Chinese Censors Ban Gay Content From TV Dramas

Say it ain't so!

Homosexuality and other "abnormal sexual relationships" have been banned from Chinese TV dramas.

The China Television Drama Production Industry Association and the China Alliance of Radio, Film and Television recently released a new set of TV content production guidelines, which detail plans to censor all dramas that feature inappropriate sexual behavior, such as incest, sexual assault, adultery, one-night-stands and homosexuality.

The guidelines will also heavily limit elements of the supernatural (possession, reincarnation, witchcraft practices and feudal superstition) as well as anything that might negatively influence youth (love between minors, smoking, drinking and fighting).

The news is unsettling to say the least, especially for wildly popular Chinese web series Addicted , which follows a gay high school couple as they navigate their difficult teen years. The 15 episode series was suddenly pulled from the internet, leaving millions of fans frustrated and angry.

According to a recent poll, 93% of some 20,000 respondents disapprove of the removal and the new guidelines, with many flocking to China's Twitter-like Weibo to air their grievances.

In spite of the policy change, however, Chaijidan, the writer behind Addicted, said the show would continue to run and that new episodes could be expected in the spring.

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