The Golden Girls Become Superhero Spies In Awesome New Comic Book


We thought we knew The Golden Girls friends, but it turns out we thought very, very wrong, as we are now learning, thanks to the amazing new comic Team Gold Force 4: From Russian and Back Again, those kind old ladies from Florida were actually living in witness protection, and used to work as superhero spies.

The loving cheesecake part, however, was still totally true. Oh, and Blanche was definitely a bit of a floozy.

Now we are getting a peek into their very private, and very deadly, lives, which you can read all about here. It seems Dorothy "The Muscle" Zbornak, Rose "The Mind" Nylund, Blanche "The Wild One" Devereaux and Sophia "Pretty Deadly" Petrillo were hiding quite a bit from us unassuming viewers.

Do you think Stan Zbornak was like their Charlie?

Check out the full comic here, and look for clues about this double life by watching old episodes of The Golden Girls here.

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