Petition Launched To Get Netflix To Give "Sense8" A Third Season

The petition has already amassed over 400,000 signatures.

Since news broke last week that popular Netflix show Sense8 wouldn't be returning for a third season, hundreds of thousands of fans have taken to the Internet to petition on its behalf.

The series, created by Matrix directors Lana and Lilly Wachowski, has been widely celebrated for its inclusive cast of racially diverse and queer characters, including a prominent trans character whose storyline didn't revolve solely around her gender identity.

"The cancellation of Sense8 Season 3 has been completely unexpected," reads the petition. "We don’t know any reasons yet, however it’s quite strange that a show that has received such positive response from a wide and heterogeneous audience, gets cancelled."

While Netflix doesn't release streaming numbers for any of its content, the over 400,000 signatures the petition has amassed demonstrate the show's large and passionate fan base.

"Being fans of the series, we would like to know a valid explanation [for why Sense8 was] cancelled," the petition continues. "We believe it is necessary that TV shows and movies... provide the world with a message of love, diversity and respect. All these values have been brought to life by the characters of the show, and the message it has is extremely important for society."

Sense8 isn't the only LGBT-inclusive show to kick the bucket this year—ABC executives announced this March that they were pulling the plug on The Real O’Neals, a show about a gay teenage boy growing up in an Irish-Catholic family.