Noah Galvin Regrets Dragging Colton Haynes: "That Was Unkind And Dumb"

"People who are already out have a responsibility to make things safer for others who may be struggling," says the "Real O'Neals" star.

When The Real O'Neals star Noah Galvin gave a candid interview to Vulture this past summer, he never thought it would stir up so much controversy.

But Galvin's comments — including criticism of Eric Stonestreet and describing Colton Haynes' coming out as "pussy bullshit" — sparked a debate throughout the LGBT community, with some defending the actor for being so open and others berating him for being a "bully."

Galvin had an opportunity to reflect on the incident and wrote an essay for Out to explain how he feels about it now.

The sitcom star said he abandoned his responsibility in the interview — which he says was to promote The Real O'Neals — and instead felt he just came off as a "millennial loudmouth."

"I engaged in a gossip sesh where I critiqued people who hadn’t dealt with their sexuality to my liking," he wrote. "That was unkind and dumb — two things I have always tried not to be."

"People who are already out — particularly those who haven’t experienced intense hardships when coming out as gay, lesbian, bi, or trans — have a responsibility to make things safer for others who may be struggling, and out people in the public eye are in a good position to help," he added.

Galvin said he has a newfound understanding of his reach, and wants to use it to become a positive voice in the LGBT community.

Read his entire essay here, and then let us know if you think Galvin should be apologizing for his comments or defending them.

h/t: Out

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