Video Game Lets You Throw Gay Man From The Top Of A Building

"Milo Tosser" is like "Angry Birds" for homophobes.

Images of men being thrown from buildings in the Middle East for the crime of homosexuality are sadly common these days. For most of us they inspire horror and outrage. Some however, find them hilarious.

A new online game, Milo Tosser >, allows players to control three Muslim extremists who throw a body from a rooftop and hit certain targets on the ground. (Think of it as a horrific version of Angry Birds.)

Players get five tosses per game, and there are currently there unique levels.

The "Milo" of the title is Milo Yiannopoulos, a British writer and the technology editor for right-wing news site

Yiannopoulos is beloved by neocons because he's an openly gay man who attacks political correctness and defends right-wing ideology. (In October he said he'd cure his homosexuality if he could.)

Never one to shy away from free publicity, He reportedly "loves" the game.

Writes Michael Garber, the creator of Milo Tosser:

He's well known for his stances against feminism, PC culture, and Social Justice Warriors. He has also voiced concern about the treatment of homosexuals in Muslim-dominated countries and considers Islam extremists to be a big problem in today's world.

As a gay man who is a staunch advocate for free speech he was a perfect candidate as the "tossed."

Garber says he understands that Tosser's imagery and themes are disturbing, but that's the point.

"I wanted to make a game highlighting a serious issue we face in today's world," says Garber. "That issue is fundamental Islam and how it teaches intolerance towards not only homosexuals and women, but also non-Muslims in general."

He says Yiannopoulos' charisma "helps to soften the blow of the shocking nature of the game's message."