5 Things You Didn't Know About "Younger" Hunk Dan Amboyer

Nico Tortorella isn't the only hunk heating up the screen on "Younger."

Our thirst is divided when it comes to TV Land's Younger.

Though we've freely been doling out the double taps to Nico Tortorella for months, our attention has been divided recently when we had the great fortune of discovering Dan Amboyer.

You might recognize Amboyer from guest appearances on Inside Amy Schumer, Graceland or (a personal favorite), Amboyer's brief appearance as French Fantasy Man on 2008 episode of All My Children.

Besides his role as Thad on Younger, which sees the 6'3" actor playing the boyfriend of Hilary Duff's character, Amboyer will appear in the upcoming, highly-anticipated film Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Ahead of the new season of Younger, premiering tomorrow, we asked Amboyer to spill 5 facts you don't know about him.

If I wasn't an actor, I would have been a veterinarian.

Well, actually, I might have gone to Clown College first. But after I sowed those wild oats I'd be a vet. I love animals! I have an Amazon parrot and three giant Maine Coon bobcat-like puddies, all in my Manhattan apartment. Clowns, cats... Oh no. Did I just over share?

I played Prince William in the Hallmark film William & Catherine: A Royal Romance. But I'm from Detroit, Bruh!

In the movie, Victor Garber played my dad Charles, Jean Smart was Camilla. My wifey Kate was played by the enigmatic Alice St. Clair, who is actually a member of the royal family! Like, IRL! We shot in Romania mostly, for access to the Romanian President's palace. Our soundstage was located on a former Communist propaganda studio lot in Bucharest.

Al Gore slept in my childhood bed.

No, I was not in the bed at the time, where did your head just go?! My mother was an educational consultant for his infamous 2000 Presidential campaign, and one night he decided to stay with our family while on the campaign trail. Secret service swarmed our house, and a direct telephone line to the White House was even installed right next to the bed. It still remains! Which reminds me, maybe I should plug a phone in sometime to see if that thing is still live.

I'm a serious actor. Like trained. We're talking Shakespeare and shit.

I'm loving busting into the film and TV scene, but I started out acting because I loved theatre. I went to boarding arts high school Interlochen Arts Academy (classmates like Benjamin Walker, Michael Arden) and then I graduated with a BFA in musical theatre and acting from Carnegie Mellon University (think Patrick Wilson, Zach Quinto – and one of my best boos, Patina Miller). I also love Shakespeare. I've played some dream roles in the Bard's plays Off-Broadway, The Shakespeare Theatre in DC, The Old Globe, and Utah Shakespearean Festival. I'll go anywhere for some romantic sonnets and shiz.

I was a fat kid!

Yup, that's right. For some reason, once I turned 9, I could not stop eating and just packed on the poundage. I have never met a doughnut I did not like. Unfortunately for a kid who wanted to be an actor, things got a little rough. Did you know that when a kid auditions for a Broadway show like Les Miz or say Beauty & the Beast that there is a weight limit? Yeah, there is, and I was too fat. They told me I wouldn't fit in Chip's teacup cart in Beauty & the Beast.

When I did Oliver I had to be the one kid to sing "Food Glorious Food" from a backstage mic because they said no one would believe that I was a starved orphan. I played The Artful Dodger, and instead of stealing pocket watches and scarves, I stole danishes and croissants. A concept production, perhaps. Oh I learned allllll about this crazy business real early on!

Younger Season 2 premieres January 13 at 10pm on TV Land.

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