Colton Haynes, Charlie Carver, Tyler Hoechlin Return For "Teen Wolf" Final Season

The 10-episode season will premiere July 30.

As Teen Wolf officially heads into its final season, a new trailer promises the return of some long-departed fan favorites.

The titillating clip sees Colton Haynes, Tyler Hoechlin and Charlie Carver all coming back to Beacon Hills to reunite with Tyler Posey and the rest of their supernatural gang. Haynes' return will surely be a fun surprise for fans, since the last time his character Jackson Whittemore was on the show was in Season 2.

According to the sneak peek, it seems that old enemies will be returning as well, including original bad guy Gerard Argent, who will mobilize an army to attack Scott McCall (Posey) and his pack.

While we're not sure how the 10-episode season will wrap up the series, we're certain the return of Haynes and Carter will inspire plenty of good ol' fashioned queerbaiting.

Teen Wolf Season 6b premieres on MTV July 30 at 8/7c. To tide you over until then, check out our roundup of some of the show's greatest (i.e. gayest) moments.

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