Top 5 Reasons Montreal Is The Ultimate LGBT Destination

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We got some pretty exciting news, kids: Logo wants to send you and a friend to Montreal, one of the greatest cities in the world—and feature you as an extra in the new web series Poutine Out. It’s the story of a Montreal boy who falls in love with a visiting New Yorker amid the scenic streets, sexy people, killer nightlife and amazing food that this fabulous city is renowned for.

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And for any of you wondering what you may want to do in Montreal once you get there, we got five reasons why this glorious city if the ultimate LGBT destination.

All Those Gay Bars

We wrote in length about it last week, but Montreal really does have an amazing and diverse array of gay bars, perfect for everyone. Don't believe us? Just check out these five.

Montreal Has Its Own Gay Village

Just like NYC has Hell's Kitchen and San Fran has The Castro, Montreal has The Village, which is actually the largest gay neighborhood in North America. Perfect for drinking, eating cruising or...

The Shopping

From Holt Renfrew, the luxury clothing store you can only find in Canada, to the boutiques on Saint-Laurent Boulevard that stock the wears and creations of local designers, there is something for everyone, and something entirely unique, to be found in the shops of Montreal.

The Museums

We love us some culture us LGBTs, and Montreal has it in spades, be it the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, the Montreal Museum of Contemporary Arts or the fascinating Avataq Cultural Institute, a museum dedicated to promoting and protecting the living language and culture of Nunavik Inuit. Their site alone is worth a look.

All Those Cute Canadian Dudes

It's always nice to have something to look at while you're on vacation, and the guys of Montreal are tres, tres cute.

You can also check out more amazing Montreal sites, and learn all about the city, here.

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