Carson Kressley: Gay Men Look Too Cute To Not Give Blood

"We will totally spice up the blood donor centers."

Carson Kressley knows that red works on everybody.

With his signature flair, the RuPaul's Drag Race host is speaking out against the FDA's discriminatory policy that prohibits gay and bisexual men from donating blood unless they have abstained from sex for a full year.

Kressley echoes recent critical statements about the U.S. blood ban made by '90s House host Lance Bass in the immediate wake of the Las Vegas shooting that left 59 people dead and more than 500 others injured.

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“Yeah, it does seem a little outdated,” the Queer Eye alum told TMZ. “I mean, c’mon, the gays wanna help. I think it’s probably an antiquated law and I get why there was maybe a law at one time, but it seems outmoded.”

“And we’re happy and we’re healthy and we look cute and we will totally spice up the blood donor centers," Kressley playfully continued. "And I think it’s the ultimate way of helping out, so hopefully we can work on updating those laws."

"I don’t think Trump is to blame for this because it’s been going on a long time. We can’t blame him for everything.”

The FDA ruled in 2015 that gay and bisexual men are allowed to give blood, but only after abstaining from sex for an entire year. This rule replaced a lifetime ban, established in 1992.

Last summer more than 100 members of congress called upon the FDA to lift its ban on blood donations from men who’ve had sex with men, pointing to new procedures that more accurately test for HIV.

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