Lady Bunny Banned From Twitter for Calling Bianca Del Rio a “Lezzer”

First she died on "Drag Race," now this?!

Lady Bunny has been lighting TV screens in HBO's Wig documentary, but one place you didn't see her this past weekend was on Twitter.

If you follow the drag legend on social media, then you know she is constantly commenting on queer culture and political issues, while also making time to roast her good friend Bianca Del Rio.

Santiago Felipe/Getty Images

NEW YORK, NY - SEPTEMBER 01: Lady Bunny and Bianca Del Rio onstage during Wigstock 2018 at Pier 17 on September 1, 2018 in New York City. (Photo by Santiago Felipe/Getty Images)

Bunny recently tweeted at Bianca saying she got her tickets to Everybody's Talking About Jamie, the musical in which Bianca currently stars on London's West End. The tweet read, "@TheBiancaDelRio @JamieMusical Just got my tickets, lezzer!"

We're sure Bianca had a good laugh about this, but Twitter was not in on the joke and ended up suspending Bunny's account. Not only that, they attempted to permanently ban her from the social media site.

Hasn't anyone at Twitter watched the classic video where Bianca talks about Bunny calling her up before her flight to tell her that her plane will go down?

"First of all, since when is lezzer considered hate speech? When you call a drag queen any slang word for lesbian, isn't that clear that it's humor," Bunny posted on Facebook. "Bianca's not a woman, so how can she be any word for lesbian? Bianca certainly didn't complain. Why is twitter policing the gay community from itself?"

But before you start organizing a march to protest outside of Twitter HQ, Lady Bunny's account was reinstated on Sunday, much to the relief (?) of her fans and followers.

And, as someone pointed out, no one thought her break from social media meant she was filming All Stars Season 5:

Ouch. First she died on Drag Race, and now banned from Twitter?!

But don't worry, she still made it to the West Village's Monster Bar on Sunday to kick off NYC Pride with some disco and a caftan.

Never change, Bunny. Never change.