Young Gay Man Stoned To Death In Jamaica

Disturbing video footage of the mob stoning the victim's lifeless body has surfaced (Watch it at your own discretion). At one point, an attacker shouts "Batty man yuh fi dead!" or "Gay man, you should die."

The identity of the victim is unknown, but its believed the incident took place in Montego Bay in the last few weeks. In 2013, a gender-nonconforming Jamaican was stabbed to death in the same area—with no charges ever filed.

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"It's time for persecution of LGBTI persons to end," Jamaican LGBT rights activist Dwayne Brown told Gay Star News. "The silence of our government, the silence of our politicians, the silence of our community allows this type of behavior to continue... People need to rise up and call for a full investigation into this video."

The video surfaced as a a spate of international attacks on LGBT people have emerged, including reports of ISIS throwing alleged homosexuals off of buildings in Syria.

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While not as codified, attacks on gays and trans people in Jamaica are all too common, fortified by harsh legal punishments for homosexuality. In Kingston, some young LGBTs are forced to live in the sewers to survive.

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