Grindr Adds New Filters For HIV Status, PrEP Use

The new feature "aims to support the health and safety of users worldwide."

Grindr has rolled out a new filter to allow users to identify their HIV status and whether they're on PrEP, the company announced in a blog post Wednesday.

"We’re constantly aiming to support the health and safety of our users worldwide," the company wrote. "Today marks a new step in that journey as we launch the HIV status and last test date filters in Grindr profiles."

The four new filter options immediately available for users to choose are "HIV-positive," "HIV-positive, undetectable," "HIV-negative," and "HIV-negative, On PrEP."

Grindr said the company had found users were having "intense anxieties…about bringing up sexual health when they were chatting on the app," and the new filters aim to make those discussions—as well as education—much easier.

Grindr faced swift backlash after announcing the plan last year, from users who worried that the option would be abused by people looking to discriminate based on HIV status.

But according to Grindr, HIV-positive users were among those who requested the new filters.

"Some poz guys had started putting [+] next to their username," said Grindr for Equality director Jack Harrison-Quintana. "Users told us this served two purposes—to avoid conversations that could end up being very painful, and also to be ‘out’ about their status to reduce shame and stigma through visibility."

"We hope this new status filter will also help meet both of those needs, while affirming that it remains every person’s individual decision whether they choose to use these filters.

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