When A New York Drag Queen Was Harassed On The Subway, Her Fellow Passengers Had The Best Response

And on Halloween, no less.

Gusty Winds is a drag queen's drag queen. A veteran of the New York scene for more than two decades, she's used to riding public transportation in full drag—usually on the way to her regular gig at Lips in Midtown.

And her fellow passengers have always taken it in stride. Until this Saturday, when Gusty was subjected to harassment by straight couple.

"For the first time in my drag life of 21 years I got harassed on the subway," Gusty posted on Facebook this weekend. "Some ignorant man and his girlfriend started talking loudly and rudely about me."


Not that harassing a drag queen is ever acceptable, but you'd think even uptight people would expect outrageous costumes on Halloween. Still, Gusty took the high road, telling the couple, "I can hear you and it's rude—and you're rude—but I will not engage your stupidity."

She added, "I just hope one day when you're the odd person, someone doesn't treat you like you just treated me."

Sadly her words didn't seem to discourage, as the woman started taking pictures of Gusty with her phone.

Just when we were about to give up hope on humanity, though, what her fellow passenger did next restored our faith.

"When the rude lady then starts snapping photos of me, a gentleman stands up and blocks her and says to me, 'Keep doing what your doing. You're beautiful.'"

Who says New Yorkers aren't nice?

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