Watch The New "Sense8" Season 2 Trailer: "Who Am I?"

Plus: Miguel Angel Silvestre tells us what's in store for Lito.

Sense8's second season drops tomorrow on Netflix (congratulations if you've called in sick already), and the streaming service released a new trailer today.


For a teaser, it drops a few bombshells—like the existence of another cluster of sensates, one who aren't so nice. We also see that our octet are getting tougher, and bringing the battle to their enemies, rather than just playing it safe.

How else is Season 2 different from the first one?

"They start to find out what's really going on," Miguel Angel Silvestre, who plays gay actor Lito, told NewNowNext. "You start to see them working together. You see them at their best and their worst."

Changes are in store for Lito, as well: The trailer shows him kissing his boyfriend, Hernando, probably at Sao Paolo Pride. But it appears the smooch is captured on a nearby Jumbotron—so if he wasn't out yet, he will be soon.

"Not everything is going to be a bed or roses for Lito," says Silvestre. "He's found satisfaction being himself, but now he struggles in his career in his homeland. Elsewhere, though, he'll learn it's being seen differently."