Gritty New Series Dives Into the Dark World of High Fashion Male Models

Make love to the camera.

Turns out the fashion world is not all poppin' bottles and fierce runway struts.

Model Boy is a new digital series created by fashion editor Jacob Brown, who drew inspiration from his years reporting on the fashion industry for T Magazine, V Magazine, and Vogue.

Model Boy

"The core theme that really drew me to this, and which makes for such good dramatic material, is this way in which being a male model instigates a sort of gender role reversal in these boys," Brown told NewNowNext. "It’s feminist narratives told on male bodies. Objectification, male gaze, the sometimes blurred line between what they might think is the business and outright sexual abuse."

"In telling this story that is the dramatic core, and then I used it as an opportunity to create strong female leads—what Hollywood would call stereotypically male—around them," he explained.

Brown, who created and directed the series, co-wrote it with Andy Cochran (Adult World) and trans author Torrey Peters. The first four episodes of the series are available now on YouTube, and in addition to the male models, keep your eyes peeled for other famous faces from the fashion world including Paper's Mickey Boardman, Camilla Staer, Victor Glemaud, Cole Mohr, and Sophia Lamar.

The description for Model Boy reads: "A gritty drama exploring the lives of the wide-eyed young men lured into New York's notoriously fickle high fashion modeling world. Sexually objectified, paid in little more than social prestige—which of these "male ingenues" will parlay a moment of fleeting fame to achieve their dreams, and which will the industry chew up and spit out?"

Practice your best smoldering look and check out the first episode below.

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