So-Called War On Christmas Ignites The Tensions We've Been Waiting For On "The View"

"Well, you're out of your damn mind," Whoopi clapped back.

Things got extra-heated between the co-hosts on yesterday's episode of The View; Not Rosie/Elisabeth split-screen heated, but the burner was definitely not safe for the touching.

Guest co-host CNN legal analyst Sunny Hostin was not shy when it came to sharing her controversial views on the so-called "war on Christmas," ignited by the discussion of magicians Penn & Teller (both noted atheists) serving as grand marshall's during the annual Hollywood Christmas Parade.

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Candace Cameron-Bure, the self-described "Hallmark Christmas Queen," weighed in with surprising levity. "I hope that there's a clear distinction between the commercialism of Christmas and the true meaning of Christmas. This is the Hollywood Christmas Parade. It's all about celebrities and people of all religions and all faiths and so I take no issue with it."


"I'm going to be the lone dissenter then, and the grumpy one" Hostin interjected, "I didn't like it."

"Here's the thing, being the judge of the Christmas Parade has nothing to do with your religious belief," explained Whoopi Goldberg. "Listen, I did the Halloween Parade, I'm not gay."

Wait... huh? (Whoop surely meant the Pride Parade. Obviously, she gets a pass, she's Whoopi, but girl...)

"Your joy for someone having a parade should not be something that keeps you from being part of it," she continued.

Hostin, taking full advantage of her duties as pot stirrer, interjected once more. "But it's a Christmas Parade. Why are you grand marshall?"

Then the talking over one another began.

"Did you hear what she just said?" Whoopi asked. "Well, I don't like it Whoopi," Hostin remarked. "Well, you're out of your damn mind," Whoopi clapped back.

Laughter and cheers erupted from the crowd. Hostin laughed along uncomfortably. (Whoopi shot Hostin a quick look, a consummate professional, making sure she didn't offend the guest in her house too too much.)

Finishing her off, Whoopi added: "That's why we don't have a New York Parade. Just because of you, Sunny."

Cameron-Bure, who had up until then been a voice of reason, decided to switch sides, suggesting they call it a holiday parade instead.

At that point, Whoopi had had enough. "Then there is a war on Christmas," she exclaimed. "When are you going to be happy?" she asked, pounding the table emphatically.

"At the end of the day, nobody can take away what it means to me," added an up-until-then silent Paula Faris. (Bueller, Bueller...?)

Before they outro'd the segment, Whoopi took a moment to address the audience. "As we know at this table, people can be vicious when posting comments online. So do us a favor, we're having some fun, relax y'all."

Watch part of the exchange below (The View's social team conveniently cropped the clip before things get "fun".)