British Woman Serves As Surrogate Mother So Her Gay Son Can Be A Dad

A gay man in the United Kingdom became a father for the first time last year, after his own mother served as a surrogate.

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Anne-Marie Casson, 46, gave birth eight months ago to bouncing baby boy Miles, who seems to be doing splendidly. Kyle, meanwhile, has just officially been made his adopted father.

British law forbids children from being  adopted by a single parent, but since Miles and Kyle are technically brothers, the High Court made an exception (though Kyle's father is listed on Miles' birth certificate "because he consented to the pregnancy").

Kyle, who used an egg donor, says he knows some people are critical about the route he took. "Even my dad said that, 'Why don’t you wait to meet someone?'"

But, he told The Daily Mail, "as long as people can provide a home, and they have the support, I don’t see why anyone should be denied the right to be a parent."

And while Anne-Marie is excited to dote on a new baby, she's under no misapprehension about their relationship. "[Miles] is not biologically tied to me, other than he’s my grandson. I love being a parent, and for Kyle to experience that, I would do that for him.”

Kyle says he'll tell Miles about his origins when the time is right: "You have to be truthful, there is no other way. He will also know that he is very much wanted."

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