Joe Manganiello Reveals Which "Magic Mike XXL" Star Would Make The Best Stripper

Joe Manganiello is doing the press circuit for Magic Mike XXL, in which he returns to the role of  "Big Dick" Richie.

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Talking with Pop Sugar, the Italian stallion revealed the sequel will be racier than the original.

"What I think a lot of people wanted the first movie to be, and were hoping the first movie was going to be — that's what the second movie is," he says. You'll see us in all types of altered different states and unaltered dress states and undressed states."

The True Blood star compares XXL to the "out there" movies of the 1970s. "In today's climate, I think movies play it very safe," he confides, "and this is going to be something that is out there."

The site's savvy reporter also asked Manganiello which Magic Mike XXL star would make the best real-life stripper. "Well, it's like a boy band in that way that everybody has their favorite," he demurred.

We've got a 7-foot professional wrestler, big sexy Kevin Nash, who is one of the most charming, intelligent, and hilarious people you'll ever meet in your life. Matt [Bomer] sings his own song — well, sings a D'Angelo song—but you know Matt can sing and dance and has that covered.

matt bomer nude magic mike striptease ken doll

You've got Chan, who is probably the best dancer on the planet, doing a routine with Twitch [in] which the two of them can dance it out for the best dancer on the planet. So you've got that covered in that way.


Then you've got Adam [Rodriguez], who has this like great, fun, kind of New York flavor to him, and so you've got that covered. And then you've got my character — there's a whole other thing that gets covered with that. Kind of like this BDSM sort of something.

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Has Joe practiced his routine for his girlfriend, Modern Family's Sofia Vergara? "Um, she's seen it."

Lucky bitch.

Magic Mike XXL hits theaters on July 1.