Michael Henry Schools the Children for #BiWeek

"Bisexuals are attracted to multiple genders, Michael!"

It's Bisexual Awareness Week, and Michael Henry is very aware.

In his latest socially-distanced skit, "Bisexual," the out comedian and popular YouTuber dispels some common myths about bisexuality by unpacking a joke he'd written into another comedy sketch earlier this year. The video opens with Henry running into his friend Brian on the street. His buddy has a bone to pick with Henry—no, not that kind of bone!

"I noticed in a video you posted earlier this year, you said bisexuals are only attracted to two genders," Brian says. "Well, my husband is bisexual, and the way your statement sounded was kind of transphobic and exclusionary, assuming that bisexuals are that closed-minded."

Michael Henry/YouTube

"Bisexuals are attracted to multiple genders, Michael!" his friend continues. "Not only cis men and women but also trans and nonbinary people."

The twist? Henry is well aware of the working definition of bisexuality—and that it "varies between person to person, which is fine also." He also knows the different between bisexuality and pansexuality, two similar but distinct orientations under the umbrella of multisexuality (read: being attracted to people of more than one gender).

"All of these terms in the LGBTQIA+ [community] evolve over time," an exasperated Henry rants, "so 10 years from now when you're re-watching this video, please don't roast my ass when something isn't accurate anymore."


Watch the full skit, including its very meta ending, below.

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