Trans Women Discuss The T-Word On "I Am Cait"

Very good points from both camps right here ~

Caitlyn Jenner and the handful of trans friends traveling with her in episodes of I Am Cait had a frank discussion this week about a word that's often used to marginalize them — a word considered a slur by some, and empowering to others hoping to "reclaim" it.

Writers Jenny Boylan and Kate Bornstein respectfully guided the conversation and shared their differing opinions as their pal Caitlyn lounged in the background.

Boylan argued that the word is offensive, and recounted horrifying memories of times she's been jumped and beaten while the world was hurled at her. "For me, it’s like saying the F-word to a gay man, or the N-word to a person of color. It’s a word I associate with beatings, being diminished, being on the receiving end of violence," she said.

Bornstein, however, sees the word as an identifier. She argues that its roots are in the gay community, and says she's used it among friends as a term of endearment for years.

"I identify myself as a non-binary trans person. I call myself a ‘tranny.’ I’ve been a tranny for 30 years," said Bornstein. "If you want me as part of your family, you say my name."

Check out the clip below, and note how everyone remains friends regardless of their differing opinions. See? The world really can be a great place!

h/t Gawker