Gay Parents Spend A LOT More Time With Their Kids, Study Reveals

Arguments against same-sex parenting are becoming more scientifically inaccurate.

A new study by the Population Research Center at the University of Texas finds that same-sex parents spend a significant amount of time more with their children than their heterosexual counterparts.

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The study, based on U.S. Census Bureau data collected from more than 40,000 parents, also found that families with two mothers end up spending the most time together — about 40 percent more time on average.

The Independent reports:

The extra time comes largely because both mothers typically offer as much child-focused activity as mothers in heterosexual partnerships. Fathers with female partners spent only about half as much time with their children.

Women spend around 100 minutes a day engaged in child-focused activities, compared with an average of 50 minutes per day among men who were married to, or cohabiting with, women. But fathers in same-sex relationships spend roughly the same time as the mothers, doubling the time typically provided by heterosexual dads.

“Our findings support the argument that parental investment in children is at least as great – and possibly greater – in same-sex couples as for different-sex couples,” said Kate Prickett, the study’s author.

The findings back up those of a similar study conducted by the Families and Work Institute this year, which found out that same-sex parents are also more likely to be better domestic examples than straight parents.

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